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Sarawak Centre of Performance Excellence


Ladies & Gentleman

I am honoured to welcome you onboard SCOPE. The term life long learning had long been in existence and some may deem it as a cliche. However in the era of the Digital Economy, change becomes the order of the day. Each of us will have to embark on this quest for new knowledge or cease to be irrelevant. Knowledge comes in many forms and of significant impact would be through experiential learning. We must ponder upon the type of future skills required and design the conducive workspace. It is in fact a global phenomena that many countries have undergone or currently embarking upon digital transformation. The technological revolution has disrupted organisational structures and process. So can companies and entire industries really transform themselves? The answer is a resounding-yes as empirical evidences and digital success stories such as the Airbnb and Grab have transform markets and affects our daily routines. As such leadership needs to be open to change to allow pilot projects and experiments to flourish. An innovative culture needs to be adopted at an enterprise wide levelĀ  is essential to survive and achieve sustainable competitive advantage. In the 21st century, Sarawak has reached a tipping point as we have begun our Digital Economy Action Plan (2018-2022). Therefore moving forward- future scenarios that demands the engagement of leaders at all levels of business to continually connect the dots between corporate purpose and business decision becomes critical. No industry nor organisation is immune from digital disruption. On that note, we hope to design and develop the future skills and strategies at SCOPE-along with you in having purposeful discussions to solve the true corporate challenges of our times.

Dr. Asleena Hj. Helmi

Chief Executive Officer
Sarawak Centre of Performance Excellence


In any parts of the world, the domain of executive education and training has been central to the advancement of any respectable organization regardless of scale and functionality. Living amongst cutting edge technology and competitive corporate environments, the quest for developing the right talent pool becomes more critical than ever. As such at SCOPE we believe in developing and encouraging the growth of talents in your organisation through innovative programs and corporate solutions. Transformational initiatives become the agenda of the global economy. The key ingredients in forming a dynamic team for your organisation lies in investing in your talent pool and the ability to stay agile in facing new challenges in this knowledge driven economy.

Equipped with our range of innovative programs and positioned in a strategic central location in Kuching, we believe SCOPE is poised to serve as a centre of performance excellence to meet the growing needs of our clients. We welcome you to visit us at SCOPE and connect to theĀ  possibilities of a new paradigm shift to move your organisation to new heights of growth.